Tuesday, January 10, 2012

spending time with friends......

Spending time with friends is an important thing that should be done frequently, friends should be a treasure. Not a temporary toy. I believe friendship is a gift from God. I learned the hard way that if friends that are going to lie,  then they are Not true friends. A true friend will help you when you are down and out, not on purposely laugh about something in front of you, and say ''Nevermind'' when you ask what they were laughing about. This person, did this on purpose. I once had a friend like that. I was hurt by this person, many times. I learned the importance of a good strong Friendship by a book, a good book, called ''beutiful girlhood'' by Mable hale. it's from the late 1800s, Early 1900s. There is a chapter about friendship. I recommend every girl to read it. The book is mainly focused on girls Entering adolescence.
Anyway back to the point, friends are a treasure. and they should be cherished.  Anyone who likes my blog, leave a comment.
I hope this post has helped you in any way.

thanks for reading ;-D